BEAMSTOP'R Laser Barriers, Inc. was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1991.  A leading manufacturer of custom laser blocking solutions, BEAMSTOP'R offers proprietary and patented laser safety curtains, screens, window coverings, tents, cage enclosures, and other protective materials for U.S. and International industries. BEAMSTOP'R customers work with lasers in research, medicine, surgical units, the military, defense, construction, engineering, and other industries using lasers. We have distributors around the world, that aid our customers in designing cost effective laser blocking safety solutions.

In addition to our standard product line of laser blocking curtains, laser screens, and laser window covers, we take pride in our ability to “think outside the box” and design unique laser safety enclosures, always being mindful of our customers budget requirements.

BEAMSTOP'R Laser Barriers is a member of the Laser Institute of America and sponsor of several laser safety training workshops around the country.

BEAMSTOP'R was also awarded a GSA (General Services Administration) contract, which allows government buyers to purchase our products onhttp://www.gsaadvantage.com.

If you have any questions about laser safety, laser blocking materials, laser classifications, or our custom solutions, please give BEAMSTOP'R a call.

Barbara Krantz, President


Phone: 440-461-8287

Fax: 440-461-8288

Email:  beamstopr@aol.com

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We offer a

BROAD-SPECTRUM ANTI-MICROBIAL treatment for our laser barriers.


BEAMSTOP'R Laser Barriers effectively block harmful laser beams with materials constructed from B-35 Laserguard fabric. The fabric is black, flexible, flame retardant per NFPA 701, and provide laser-blocking protection from Class 3B (IIIb) and Class 4 (IV) lasers by confining stray laser plume, following ANSI Standards. 


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OFFICE:  +1 (440) 461-8287

EMAIL:  beamstopr@aol.com


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