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BEAMSTOP'R Laser Safety Barriers are constructed from B-35 Laserguard fabric.
The fabric is black, flexible, flame retardant per NFPA 701, and provide protection from
Class 3B (IIIb) and Class 4 (IV) lasers by confining stray laser plume, following ANSI Standards. 

We offer a

BROAD-SPECTRUM ANTI-MICROBIAL treatment for our laser barriers.


BEAMSTOP'R's  portable laser-blocking screens securely guard against the harmful effects of Class 4 (Class IV) and Class 3B (Class IIIb) lasers.  Ordinary fabrics are incapable of  stopping such a beam.  BEAMSTOP'R designed and patented a specially designed laser-blocking fabric called B-35 Laserguard.

B-35 Laserguard fabric has been designed for industry.  Those that use lasers, such as: the military/defense, medicine, dentistry, research, construction, manufacturing, and engineering, etc.

B-35 Laserguard is black, has blackout capability, lightweight, flexible, flame retardant and provides laser-blocking capability for all lasers, including the most harmful
classifications of lasers.

BEAMSTOP'R's laser-blocking screens provide a safe, portable, modular screening alternative for use in all industries using lasers in their work.

Standard Screen Sizes:

19” wide x 68” high      
38” wide x 68” high 
57” wide x 68” high   
76” wide x 68” high   
95” wide x 68” high

*106” wide x 72 ¼” high
*48” wide x 96” high
*96” wide x 96” high

*available with locking casters
Additional custom screen sizes are available from 48” wide up to 144” wide and from 72” high up to 108” high.

Features and Benefits

  • UV, near infrared far infrared and visible light protection.
  • Can be dry cleaned or wiped own with a damp cloth.
  • Class 3b (Class IIIb) and Class 4 (Class IV) protection.
  • All double reinforced seams.
  • "Laser in Use" signs on front and back.
  • Multiple screens can be linked together via various methods depending upon frame selection. 
  • B-35 Laserguard fabric is manufactured to “confine stray laser plume”, so should a stray beam hit the curtain, non-hazardous smoke may appear and the area may glow, thus indicating the stray beam is present. Please refer to our test results page for detailed information.

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