Contact BEAMSTOP'R to learn more about these, and other, optional, safety features that can be included in your project quote:

  1.  Limit Switches- to cut off power to laser when barriers are opened or breached.
  2. Door Locks
  3. Track Stops-to avoid curtains gathering at one end of track
  4. Pockets for Safety Eyewear
  5. Valances- to eliminate light gaps between track and top of curtain panel and through grommet holes where blackout situations are required.​


BEAMSTOP'R offers the option of an environmentally safe BROAD-SPECTRUM ANTI-MICROBIAL treatment that can be added to our patented B-35 Laserguard fabric used in your laser facility(ies).

BEAMSTOP'R is currently the only manufacturer of laser safety barriers that is offering this affordable solution for a clean room or a hospital. This treatment kills dangerous microbes and deactivates spores such as C. difficile and Bacillus anthrax.

In addition, surface contamination, mold, mildew, air pollutants and odors are effectively reduced by our eco-friendly and sustainable Anti-Microbial Treatment additive.



BEAMSTOP'R  has a medical consultant on staff to address the unique requirements of a Surgical Center, Medical Office, Dental Office, Laser Clinic or Hospital. Contact us to learn more about BEAMSTOP'R's custom design solutions to provide cost-efficient and effective laser-blocking safety in your facility.

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