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BROAD-SPECTRUM ANTI-MICROBIAL treatment for our laser barriers.

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BEAMSTOP'R Laser Barriers effectively block harmful laser beams with materials constructed from B-35 Laserguard fabric. The fabric is black, flexible, flame retardant per NFPA 701, and provide laser-blocking protection from Class 3B (IIIb) and Class 4 (IV) lasers by confining stray laser plume, following ANSI Standards.  

"I would highly recommend BEAMSTOP'R for their professionalism and promptness in delivering their great products. I had a great experience doing business with them; they were able to provide us with a great solution for our lab, customized laser curtain. Many thanks to BEAMSTOP'R!"

Radu Moldovan, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Physics Department

Carnegie Melon University


5503 Mayfield Road

Lyndhurst, OH  44124


OFFICE:  +1 (440) 461-8287



"The BEAMSTOP'R laser protection barriers meet all our needs for the Laser Spectroscopy Facility at The Ohio State University. We have several laboratories, all with different laser hazards: Nd:YAG, dye, excimer, Ar+, Kr+ and Ti:Sapphire, all with different physical layouts, which meant each application was unique. The people at BEAMSTOP'R Inc. worked closely with us to custom fit each lab with its own barrier protection. Each panel was individually specified for both height and width and we selected where the panel separations would go, so we had convenient access to our experimental set-ups. They were able to do all of this at a very affordable price, much lower than barriers from other laser safety companies. I would highly recommend BEAMSTOP'R as an effective, versatile and affordable laser hazard barrier system."

Jame Williamson, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate, Laser Spectroscopy Facility

The Ohio State University