We offer cost-effective solutions for laser safety barriers that confine a laser's beam and ensure a safe working environment across every industry using lasers.

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Lasers are used across many different industries advancing medicine, technology, research, the military, and more. Because of the vast array of laser uses and applications, BEAMSTOP'R has extensive experience designing and producing custom laser barrier solutions to create safe work environments for our clients and their staff.

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GSA Contract #GS07F0339Y

BEAMSTOP'R is proud to hold a GSA Contract and very much look forward to continuing to serve the needs of the Military and Uniformed Services.

Military clients include:

  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Army
  • other Government contractors

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We offer a

BROAD-SPECTRUM ANTI-MICROBIAL treatment for our laser barriers.


for every industry including Defense, Medicine, Research, Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, and others.

Offering product installations anywhere in the U.S.

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BEAMSTOP'R Laser Safety Barriers confine a laser's beam, ensuring a safe working environment for technicians in laser spectroscopy laboratories and other facilities. BEAMSTOP'R Laser Safety Barriers are the perfect solution for hospitals as well as for medical and dental offices.

BEAMSTOP'R Laser Safety Barriers protect workers against the accidental and chronic occupational eye and skin exposure that results from reflective laser radiation and broad-bent optical radiation generated by laser plume. BEAMSTOP'R Laser Safety Barriers conform to recommendations of national industry standards. As the American Nationals Standards Institue reports in publication 4.6.2, "...Enclosure of the laser equipment or beam path is the preferred method of control, since the enclosure will isolate or minimize the hazard."

BEAMSTOP'R Laser Barriers have been tested and proven to be an effective barrier for: Nd:YAG, excimer and CO2 laserslaser radiation from the ultraviolet to infrared BEAMSTOP'R Laser Safety Curtains have exceptionally high damage thresholds. Appropriate for class IV lasers to "confine stray laser plume for 60 to 100 seconds."

There is no current national standard for the measurement methods for such penetration threshold levels. There has been recent recommendation that the ANSI Z-136 committee consider establishing a separate standard on Laser Protective Equipment. One mission of such a new standard would be to recommend a measurement protocol for laser protective equipment (e.g. eye-wear, window filters and protective barriers).

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